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Auto Auction Direct
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No Hassles.
No Haggling.
Great Savings.
Aged Stock Disposal
The best possible deals.
Visit our Aged Stock Disposal inventory...
1. Enter the specs of the vehicle you would like to own
2. Sit back and let us search our extensive vehicle network, inventories and auctions to deliver the perfect vehicle at the best price
3. No risk. We find the right vehicle for you, if not, no obligation to buy, no hassles. We'll find another one for you, no problem.

Let's begin
Qualify for credit?
Apply now for credit via our secure online application. We will get back at you within hours.
Easy and Effortless
Auto Auction Direct proposes a purchase model that allows you to buy the vehicle of your choice at the best possible price.
Just tell us what you want and we'll get it for you.
Frequently asked questions
Q. Does Auto Auction Direct work for any type of vehicle?
A. Not necessarily. If a vehicle is uncommon and rarely appears at auctions, this service may not work for you. However, if you are looking for a late model, major market vehicle, this unique service will provide you with a wholesale auction price with a visible, preset purchase fee.

Q. What type of warranty comes with these vehicles?
A. Most late model, average to low mileage vehicles have the balance of their factory warranty available. For older, higher mileage cars, Auto Auction Direct will provide competitive quotes for high- quality extended warranties.

Q. Is financing available?
A. provides highly-competitive financing on all vehicles. Rates are determined by term, vehicle value, and credit scores.

Q. Is leasing available?
A. Yes, it is available with prior approved credit.

Q. What happens if I do not like the first car that is presented to me?
A. Your deposit is returned in full. You have no other obligations. Alternatively, we can acquire another vehicle for you, and if you decide to proceed with the purchase, you pay for only one set of auction fees and transportation fees.

Q. How long does it take to get a vehicle?
A. It depends on how precise your requirements are and how common the vehicle is that you want to buy. If you choose a common vehicle and choose two possible colours, we can obtain the vehicle within approximately two to three weeks.

Q. What about trade in?
A. Auto Auction Direct can appraise your trade in and include it in the purchase transaction if you wish.

Q. How much will the safety check cost?
A. That depends on what needs to be done to the vehicle for it to pass the safety check. When our qualified technicians inspect the car, we issue a full report including an estimate for safety-related repairs and any other recommended work. If the estimate does not meet your approval, you have no further obligations. You do not need to buy the car.

Q. How can Auto Auction Direct save me money?
A. We operate with a minimal overhead because we acquire specific vehicles to meet individual customer's orders; therefore, we don't operate with the large mark-ups found at so many pre-owned car dealerships with their large lots and large inventory.

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